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Volume 29
Number 5
May 6 - May 26, 2016
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June 01, 2011

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Developerís plan addresses drainage concerns at Rosewood

An innovative method of controlling water runoff is central to a development plan approved May 17 by the Planning Board.

The plan will allow developer Joe Frustraci to add one lot to the Rosewood subdivision at the end of Rosewood Drive. Frustaci said the new home will be for him and his wife, who are looking to downsize from their current home, also in Rosewood.

The plan includes a boulder retaining wall behind two of the Rosewood lots. The height added by the wall will support a swale intended to carry runoff away from neighboring homes on Mitchell Road, where water has been a problem.

No one spoke at the hearing, but Mitchell Road neighbors Douglas and Marilyn Sargent testified last month that drainage was a concern. ďItís a major correction of the drainage problem that Mr. Sargent is experiencing,Ē Frustaci said of the retaining wall plan.

The additional lot qualifies Rosewood as a major subdivision under Cape Elizabeth laws, and Frustaci is required to contribute an affordable housing lot to the Cape market. A lot in the Blueberry Ridge subdivision, also developed by Frustaci, will be marketed in the moderately affordable price range to meet the requirement.

Blueberry plant plan incomplete

Water runoff was also a concern among Planning Board members as they reviewed an application from Adam Salve to clear more than 30,000 square feet of area in a wetland boundary to plant highbush blueberry plants.

By ordinance, the 250-foot area surrounding a critical wetland may be altered by permit only. Salve said he plans to remove 106 trees to make room for 700 high bush blueberry plants on property off of Windmill Lane, behind Bothelís Autobody.

At least one Planning Board member, however, was concerned that the plan did not include provisions for stormwater runoff. ďI want to know that whatever happens in that (agricultural) area isnít going to runoff, isnít going to damage the wetland,Ē said Board Chair Elaine Falendar.

Other board members asked that the areas proposed for alteration be labeled more clearly on the plans.

Golden Ridge lot approved

In other matters, the board approved an additional lot for another subdivision, this one at the end of Golden Ridge Lane between Bowery Beach Road and Great Pond.

The approved plan adds a fourth lot to the Golden Ridge subdivision.

The approval requires the developer, Golden Ridge LLC, to pay a $4,400 fee in lieu of donating public open space along with the development. The subdivision is adjacent to the Great Pond Trail.

Golden Ridge LLC may come back to the board to ask if an additional pedestrian easement, connecting existing trails, might be donated instead of the fee.