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Volume 29
Number 5
May 6 - May 26, 2016
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June 01, 2011

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Photographic collages by Evearad Stelfox on display at library June 2-29

From June 2-29, Evearad Stelfox will be exhibiting at the Thomas Memorial Library. The show is courtesy of the Cape Elizabeth Arts Commission.

Stelfox has been working in photographic collage for several years and has exhibited in Oregon; Vermont; Portland, Maine; and Cambridge, Mass.

An avid art historian, Stelfox creates collages that reflect this interest, and include juxtaposing art historical images with current, contemporary images of the world we live in. He collects images in a way that others collect objects. Photographs taken on his many walks are collaged alongside many other images of interest. The result is a myriad of ethereal ideas, shapes, realities and non-realities, blended in a final photographic contact print.

“The one thing I can say is that I never know what a finished piece will look like while I am working with the fragments and pieces of images I am collaging,” Stelfox said.

Contact Stelfox at evearadstelfox@gmail.com for more information.